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What a great weekend: ZBF and Grote Dorst

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 03/08/2004 04:11:55 PM

Wow, just returning to planet earth after an amazing weekend in Belgium. More detail later, including about 200 photos, but for now, a few highlights:

ZBF was unbelievable, what a great new hall they have found, with so much space, an excellent venue which contributed to the wonderful atmosphere. About 40 babblers were there, and of course my two favourite brewers, both of whom supplied lots of great beer.

Nacht van Grote Dorst: well, what can I say? Yves told me last night that he thinks perhaps 700 people showed up; well, it was crazy, the whole place and the whole square was totally packed, how on earth so many people got there I have no idea. The auction raised over 330 euros for the fund, well done to everyone and thanks for all the donations. What an amazing thing to see so many folk turn up for a gueuze festival on a wet Friday night in a small village which requires some effort to get to. An amazing event, still can't quite believe that we pulled it off. Great work Yves!!

Maxi taxi: I have to say that getting to Eizeringen for the Grote Dorst fest was a real hoot in itself. Thanks to Fred W, Tom R, Steve H and Steve N, and Jan W, who all contributed to a real fun evening. The Ternat frites incident in particular will long stay in my memory.

Bob bars: got another 7 ticks including 3 in really obscure parts of Antwerp, so we're doing ok. Also got the chance to meet the wonderful man himself, Theresa got the chance to tell him what he's done for her life!

The side events: various sessions at the Kulminator, Paters Vaetje, 't Waasgstuk, Bier Circus and Delirium Cafe all added to the weekend's enjoyment. I was impressed by the Delirium Cafe, will definitely be back there time and time again, no doubt.

Thanks to everyone who made it such a superb time, we loved every minute of it!

More later,



What a great weekend: ZBF and Grote Dorst - Jeremy Gray, 03/08/04 04:11:55 PM
        Back in the USA... - John Sturm, 03/09/04 08:37:14 PM
        Re: What a great weekend: ZBF and Grote Dorst - John White, 03/09/04 06:04:54 PM
        happy to have seen you, BBB friends !!! - dany P, 03/09/04 12:31:23 PM
                Re: happy to have seen you, BBB friends !!! - marcusm, 03/10/04 01:31:53 AM
                        Re: happy to have seen you, BBB friends !!! - Joris P, 03/10/04 01:52:01 AM
                                the best, no ! thanks !! good, yes, .. - dany P, 03/10/04 12:43:37 PM
                                        Re: the best, no ! thanks !! good, yes, .. - marcusm, 03/11/04 08:25:04 AM
                                                next month ! promised! - dany P, 03/11/04 02:23:47 PM
                Thanks for serving superb beers, Dany: NFM - John White, 03/09/04 08:58:47 PM
                        happy to have seen you , John ! - dany P, 03/10/04 12:44:16 PM
        Re: What a great weekend: ZBF and Grote Dorst - Mark, 03/09/04 10:51:10 AM
                Re: What a great weekend: ZBF and Grote Dorst - Steve H, 03/09/04 02:21:49 PM
                Re: What a great weekend: ZBF and Grote Dorst - David Kernick, 03/09/04 12:28:13 PM
                        Hi David, good to see you here! nfm - Gunter aka March, 03/09/04 01:11:38 PM
        De Dolle Foreign Extra Stout? - Loren, 03/09/04 07:30:30 AM
                Re: De Dolle Foreign Extra Stout? - John Sturm, 03/09/04 08:20:45 PM
                        Did they use the Rodenbach yeast in this? nfm - Loren, 03/10/04 07:17:54 AM
                P.S. De Dolle Foreign Extra Stout - Loren, 03/09/04 08:12:40 AM
                        Re: P.S. De Dolle Foreign Extra Stout - Jan W, 03/09/04 08:54:26 AM
                                Giddy up! Thanks Jan. nfm - Loren, 03/09/04 09:08:28 AM
        Congratulations Zythos - Ian, 03/09/04 04:54:17 AM
                Congratulations Zythos ! YES !!! - dany P, 03/09/04 12:40:26 PM
        Re: What a great weekend: ZBF and Grote Dorst - johan b., 03/09/04 02:56:13 AM
                your bottles are tryed ! - dany P, 03/09/04 12:33:51 PM
                        Re: your bottle are tryed ! - johan b, 03/11/04 06:47:30 AM
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                        Glad to hear there was no blood shed! :^) - Joelle, 03/08/04 04:54:32 PM
                                Re: blood shed! - marcusm, 03/09/04 02:03:41 AM

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