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Delirium Café, Brussels: its Beers - Long Post

Posted by John White on 03/15/2004 07:06:44 PM

I recently went to the new Delirium Café I Brussels, the one with 2,000 beers.

I have to say that I enjoyed it very much and will return, since, despite there being some very silly and amusing prices, which have been previously reported on here, the vast majority are not unreasonable. Here are my beer notes on it, these coming from my downloadable guide to Brussels.

On entry, I recommend going to the bar and ordering one of the nine draught beers, see the photo above left. In fact, on the March, 2004 visit, there were ten, as Three Year Old 3 Fonteinen Lambic was being, served by gravity from a plastic container, at €2.

Examples draught beers include, prices being from March, 2004, unless indicated otherwise: draught Delirium Tremens at €3; Delirium Nocturnum; Val-Dieu's Rader Blonde (contains Radermacher Genever); and a beer of the week, which on this visit was the great Avec les Bons Voeux de la Brasserie Dupont at €3.50, which appeared to be unfiltered. Whilst you are savouring your first beer, you can search out a beer menu.

The usual Belgian classics are available, for example: Orval at €3; Westvleteren Abt at €4; and a 1986 Framboos Boon at €120, the latter being cheap compared to some of the other not-that-old Belgian beers available, for example, a €200+, early brewing from Achel ( http://www.achelsekluis.be ), this Trappist monastery only producing bottles from 2000. From France, the great Cuvée des Jonquilles is €11. The 600 German beers are mainly in the range €3.50 to €4.50, examples including: Würzburger Hofbräu Julius Echter Hefe Weissbier Hell ( http://www.wuerzburger-hofbraeu.de ) at €4 (50cl); Lausitzer Porter ( http://www.lausitzer-porter.com ) at €3.50; Schlenkerla Rauchbier ( http://www.smokebeer.com ) at €4.50 (50cl); Schneider Aventinus ( http://www.schneider-weisse.com ); the moderate Sexy Girl Pils (which I thought was brewed by Huyghe, but was in the German section) at €6. We ordered a very obscure German beer from the list to test availability and speed of delivery: Faust Kräusen Naturtrüb, an unfiltered beer brewed by Brauhaus Faust ( http://www.faust.de ) for €4.50 (50cl); it was very quickly brought to the barrel, and superb it was!

There is an excellent choice of Dutch beers, including: Middelburgs Witheer at €6.50. From Angola, there are Passion Fruit and Banana beers, both at €9. The English beers are mostly of the very moderate type that no lover of Real Ale would dream of drinking and they were ridiculously over priced, for example: for the appalling "Caffrey's Genuine Draught Beer", one has to fork out €9, as one does for Fuller's London Pride, a very good beer, as a Real Ale, on draught, but not a beer that I would consider drinking from a bottle; the extremely moderate fizz, Carling Black Label at €6.50; and the only one of real interest, as it is a good bottled beer and has a history that relates it to Belgium's Rodenbach, Greene King's Strong Suffolk Vintage Ale ( http://www.greenekingbeers.co.uk ) at a too-high €11.

From Egypt, there was a Stella Lager Beer for €27, which is brewed by Alhambra Beverages ( http://www.alahrambeverages.com ). From my notes, I am not sure exactly which of this brewery's Lagers this is. Mind you, as this amazingly high price for an everyday Pils, is for a 50cl bottle, it is either the 3% ABV "Stella Lager Beer" or the 4% "Stella Export Lager Beer", since the 5% "Stella Premium Export Beer" is only available in 33cl bottles, according to the brewery's web site!

Delirium Café, Brussels: its Beers - Long Post - John White, 03/15/04 07:06:44 PM
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