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Namur Meal/Beer recommendation: Long Post

Posted by John White on 03/31/2004 05:09:50 AM

When you are in Namur, I can recommend the following place for a meal and a beer when you are in Namur; the description is from my downloadable guide to Namur. The first classic beer place in Namur, Le Chapitre, is often reluctant to do food in the evening and the other, Le Bouffon du Roi, only does a very limited ranges of snacks, including Croques.

Brasserie Henry/Henry's Bar, 3, Place Saint-Aubain, tel 081 22 02 04.

This restaurant and bar is just South of the Cathedral, in its square; it is thus very close to Le Chapitre. It gets rave reviews in most guide books, hence my visit in October, 2001. Note that the Brasserie Henry part of this place is a restaurant not a brewery (Brasserie being the French for brewery as well as a Brasserie style restaurant). Henry's Bar is a really smart, large bar, with a beautifully arranged array of glasses behind it, that one can sit at and just have a drink. It is directly within the restaurant, in full view from it. One can also drink without eating at certain tables, even at traditional meal times. One is served by waiters who really look the part, in their waistcoats, bow ties and white aprons.

The place has an outstanding façade, and inside it is particularly elegant. It is a rare example for the area of a building in the Napoléon III (1808-1873) style. There are marble pillars and tables, a lovely ceiling and a classy conservatory. The paintings on the walls include works by Vincent Visette. On the garden side, note the two characters below the Belgian Coat of Arms, who represent the Meuse and Sambre rivers. The place is a véritable Namur institution, an absolute don't-miss.

On my visit, I was only anticipating a minimal number of beers and expected these to be typical of brasseries in French, which have their origins in the Alsace and thus offer dishes which emanate from this region, such as Sauerkraut ("Sour (Acidic) Cabbage", Choucroute in French, a dish piled with much ham and sausages) washed down with good Alsatian wines, but, unfortunately only extremely moderate Alsatian beers, such as, for me, the undrinkable Kronenbourg. However, some interesting beers are available in this particular Brasserie. There are five on draught, including Blanche de Bruges at €1.49, and twenty-six in bottle. These include: La Gauloise Blonde and Ambrée, both at €2.35; La Gauloise Brune and the Namur brewed Strawberry beer, La Wépionnaise, both at €2.97; Rochefort 8 and Bush 12, both at €2.78; Orval at €3.22; and Duvel at €2.73.

The food choice was more varied than in a typical [Alsatian] Brasserie and there were a number of vegetarian options. The starters include Potage de Jour (Soup of the Day) at €2.97; and Soupe de Poisson (Fish Soup) at €5.70. In "Les Grands Classiques Brasserie" section of the menu, the dishes include: Les Petits Os Grillés (Spare Ribs), Sauce Ribbs at €10.16; L'Andouillettes Grillées "Chedeville", Pommes au Lard (Grilled Chitterling Sausages with Potatoes containing Bacon) at €10.78; Le Jambonneau Grillé, Moutarde ou Béarnaise (Pork Knuckle with Mustard or Béarnaise Sauce) at €13.39; Le Véritable Waterzooi de Poulet à la Gantoise (Real Ghent Chicken Stew) at €13.78; Le Cassoulet fait dans La Maison (Dordogne Stew Made on the Premises) at €14.25; and La Choucroute "Brasserie Henry", at €14.25.

In "Les Poissons" (Fish) section dishes include: Le Gros Dos de Cabillaud, Sauce Mousseline (Large Back of Cod) at €14.38. Meat dishes ("Les Viandes") include: Le Tartare de Boeuf (Uncooked Minced Beef) at €9.79; La Côte de Veau au Noilly Prat (Veal Chops cooked in a Dry Vermouth) at €14.38; and Le Magret de Canard aux Fruits Rouge (Duck cooked with Red Fruits) at €14.75.

I had the cod dish on my visit; it was marvellous, totally historic; it was prepared using extremely good quality, fresh fish. Other dishes noted included Spag Bol at €6.82 and Lasagne de Légumes (Vegetables) for €9.79. There was a two course lunchtime menu at €7.93, a Plat du Jour (Dish of the Day) at €7.19 and a three course Menu Végétarien du Mois (Month) for €9.79.

According to the Michelin Guide, Brasserie Henry is open every day until midnight, and is shut for the second half of July. It probably opens around breakfast time.

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