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Come on gang, lets give Mark some help here.....

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 05/04/2004 03:34:32 PM

No, not that Mark - the new Mark - who posted here a few days ago but only received the measly total of one response to what is a gift of a question. Here's his question posted on Sunday:

>>We will be going to Belgium for the 2nd time this summer and will be driving from Paris to Gent. We were thinking about stopping by Chimay and was wondering whether it would be better than some other places. While my brother-in-law and I want to visit the pubs and beer related stores, our wives would like to shop (linens, tapistries, ect). Can anyone recommend some towns or places to stop by. Gent, Brugge and Brussels were fantastic, but we know very little of the rest of the country. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated<<

For starters, I will say that if you haven't been to Antwerp yet, Mark, then consider a visit there, as not only are there many superb beer cafes there (Kulminator, Oud Arsenaal, Waagstuk, Paters Vaetje, etc) but its also a great shopping city, especially for designer clothes, so that may keep your wives happy.

General Wallonia help? - well, I haven't been to Chimay so can't say much about that, but I have been to the little triangle of breweries in Hainaut province - Ellezelloises, Dupont and Dubuisson - and all are well worth visiting. Vapeur is also nearby and is also apparently well worth a visit.

Another top tip is to detour to Watou and take your wives to the Hommelhof - and if you go there I can suggest about a dozen other places to visit nearby. For other non beer culture, have you thought about touring some of the war cemetries in that area?

So, I hope this gets you started, but I am certain that others here have other ideas to help you along. Please fire ahead everyone!



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