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Re: Come on gang, lets give Mark some help here.....

Posted by Dick on 05/04/2004 07:52:04 PM

Hi, Mark,

I apologize for not contributing. I figured that Babblers would flood you with responses. I guess too many of us did.

Here are a few tidbits. First, Watou. Across the square from t'Hommelhof is t'Oven Huis (more or less). It also has great food and beer. If t'H is full, or closed, don't hesitate to give it a try. Out in the country near town is the Sparhof, which also delivers the food and beer goods.

In Brussels, where I lived some during the nineties, you can tickle your wives' fancies by taking them to "Mary", the classiest chocolatier in the country. It is right across the street from The Column of Congress (an easy-to-find landmark). The flea market at the "Place de Jeux de Balle" is wonderful on weekends, and an easy walk to/from the Cantillon brewery ( a "must" tour). Have a Mort Subite gueuze at the bar of the same name. Eat fabulous beer cuisine at t'Spinnekop (sp?). Someone else will have to post about the Bier Circus; I hear that it may move/close (??). If it is open and ina place you can find, go enjoy a solid and tasty meal, along with a most impressive beer list.

The new "Cafe Delerium" near the Gran' Place (GP) has a lot of recent posts; check those out before going.

Enjoy a brew and the character of the Toon bar, also near the GP; it's attached to an active marionette theater.

Look at the tops of the columns just outside the tourist information office in the GP (part of the City Hall building); one of them portrays men shoveling chairs. Don't bother with the skull-mug bar near the GP; it's a waste of time.

Go to the drive-in movies at the Parc Cinquentenaire; walk-ins get free chairs and can rent headsets. Your portable radio will do fine; the sound is on a channel available to the cars' radios.

Hang out at the trendy Place St. Gery on a summer evening, or, of course, in the GP itself. Visit the antique market at the Sablon on Sunday. Or the bird market earlier that day just outside the GP to the NE.

Spend your retirement on dinner at Comme Chez Soi, or a tenth of that visiting Brugge, Antwerp, Liege, Ghent, and more in grand style.

As I think of more, I'll post. Vist John White's site; John knows a ton of great stuff and presents it well.

Good luck, and enjoy!



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