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beer guys & shopping women

Posted by jg_eric on 05/04/2004 09:47:06 PM

I think part of the problem here too is that the question Mark posted was *so* broad... I know there are many a-babbler out there who could write all night in response to this one, & I simply don't have that kinda time....

that said...

after a deep breath or two, this one's a breeze: Liege on Sunday -- La Batt allegedly biggest streetmarket in Europe with everything from clothes to mobileskins to Afican drums to ferrets & chickens to salvaged antique crystal chandelier fobs; true a crossroads market of decidedly European experience. Park the gents at La Vaudree; I just checked Webb & they're open 24x7 with beer menu of truely global status. Liege is a bit gritty in a realistic sorta way; I have always found the people there to be incredibly friendly & helpful. If the ladies buy streemarket clothes, they should understand that they can be of limited durability, but the price is sure as hell right if you want to look more European for a month or two. Great experience!! more info when I think of it -- oh, haggling is <i>de rigeur</I> with La Batt, so start practicing your market French now -- numbers and expressions of mild disgust would be a good starter, and quantity does generally get a price break so "le deux pour cinq" ("both for 5") should be in there as well. bonne chance!! jge

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