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no no silly...

Posted by jg_eric on 05/06/2004 01:01:22 AM

... I was referring more to contemporary demographics -- similar city sizes; both with major university flair -- than historical precident. but do be informed that we are one of the finest medical schools/centers in the entire USA nation & if you ever wonder why the Van Allen magnetic belts around the earth are named, just figure it's after Prof James van Allen, who did his work at -- guess where -- Univ of IOWA right here in my back yard. and if you want to buy beer in the upper midwest, we're still the best beerstore within a 300 km radius. most international city in that same-ish radius as well, BY FAR.

so, no offense taken, but don't wizz on my dear Iowa City until I've had the chance to give you a full tour over here, my friend!! It's just not fair for me to gush praise over the wonders of your natural habitat & then have you pass judgement on mine, sight unseen. at least I've given your world a fair seeing, even the gritty streets of Liege (which I also dearly love). IACity's a great place to be & live & drink beer!! all are welcome in my guestroom if they have any doubts!!

no argument required or requested -- just needed to point out that there really is a reason why I come back home from time to time... in best humor -- jge

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