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advice on first trip to Belgium

Posted by AndrewW on 05/26/2004 01:01:12 PM

Hello, I am new to the Babble Belt. I sent this message to the welcoming committee, but wanted to post it for general consumption.

This summer, I'm going to be in Europe for 5 weeks, traveling to Munich, Bamberg, Dusseldorf, Koln, Prague, Ceske Budjevoice, Plzen, and, most importantly, Belgium (for which I plan to reserve at least 2-2 1/2 weeks).

I plan to visit Brussels, Brugges, Antwerp - these are pretty easy to get to by rail. I would really like to visit some of the Trappist breweries (notably Westveltern, Orval, Chimay, and Rochefort), the saison breweries of Hainaut (Dupont, Blaugies, A Vapeur), and some of the jewels of the Ardennes (Fantome, A'Chouffe).

I've read through the archieves and heard a lot about Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent. I've also heard that St. Sixtus/Watou/DeDolle are in the same vicinity and are must sees. What have been people's experiences visiting some of the saison breweries in Hainut and some of the breweries in Luxembourg/Ardennes. How does one get to some of the more rural locations via public transportation? Are there bus routes? I am also thinking about bicycling to the locations that are further from the rail lines (Tourpes, home of DuPont, is a healthy 30 mile ride from the station at Mons). Or, if I HAVE to, I'll rent a car.

Finally, I'd be interested in hearing about any other "must see" spots.

Thanks a lot - I'd be appreciative for any suggestions!

advice on first trip to Belgium - AndrewW, 05/26/04 01:01:12 PM
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