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Re: advice on first trip to Belgium

Posted by Gunter on 05/27/2004 04:31:52 AM

A vapeur is a must see in my opinion. Don't know haw to get there by bus or train, but I know they have "open brewdays" every last Saturday of the month.

Fantome is nice, but usually only does brewery tours for at least 10 people, you may have to contact Dany P before you go. On Aug. 14 and 15 however there's a fest for 'the good cause" organized by Zythos at the brewery Fantome. BBQ, nightwalks, brewery tours, cycle trip Heikant-Soy (!) Live music, exclusive Santé 8 beer, brewed by Dany.

In Achouffe there will be the annual "Grande Choufferie" on Aug. 6. A big fest with lot of beery activities. If you go to Achouffe, The brewpub/ restaurant Les Trois Fourquets, spin of of La Chouffe is not so far either, but note, if you plan to take out your bike in the south (Les Ardennes) or east (Haute Fagnes) of Belgium it goes up and down over there, meaning you must be in a decent cycling shape. The landscape in the Hainut province (Dupont, A Vapeur..)is curving, but not that much as in Luxemburg, Namur or Liège.

If you like to combine a cycletrip through the countryside with beer, you can join local Zythos chapters "De Schuimkragen" (Zele, East Flanders)(Aug. 14), or "Bobsa" (Aalst, East-Flanders) (Aug 15)on their annual trip. Bobsa is know for its cycletrips through the hop fields, with stops at the farmer's for a beer.

Please note that Aug. 15 is a national holiday in Belgium, and most shops, banks,breweries..will be closed. Most bars will be open though.

Most of the Trappist breweries are not open to the public. Only Achel can be seen behind a glass wall in the cafétaria. Else you can only visit the nearby pubs to drink or buy the beers. (as in Westmalle, Westvleteren, Orval, I think Rochfort too, Don't know about Chimay)

More beerfestivals in the summer by Zythos chapters are Grensbierfestival in Essen by OBER (my local!) on July 3-4, Mechelse Bierdag July 3 in Mechelen, July 9: Bierjutterij in Oostende. Check also http://www.limburgse-biervrienden.be/agenda

for more beery events in Belgium and around

Cheers, Gunter

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