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Lightning-quick visit of Ghent

Posted by Martin T. on 05/29/2004 09:44:12 AM

Two weekends ago I had the chance to spend a day in Ghent with my beloved. And we fell in love with the city. And we had the guide to make us fall in love with it too, Mr. Joris Pattyn himself. What more could we hope for!

Our first beer-related stop was the famed Hop Duvel café. Simply wonderful. It was particularly balmy that day, so the garden in the back was imperative. What a heavenly setting for tastings of awe-inspiring nature! The only thing which could have been better was if they had replaced the stone floor with clouds. Otherwise, I was drifting in distant spheres in that garden. The beer list was very impressive and contained some rare gems such as the perfect Drie Fonteinen Framboos '99, Drie Fonteinen Millenium Gueuze, Cantillon Framboise, etc. I was almost afraid to turn the page for fear of finding too many rare beers I wanted to have. So I stuck with the lambics on the first page. That Drie Fonteinen Framboos soon revealed itself as a clearly superior lambic, over the Cantillon Framboise and Drie Fonteinen Kriek. If only someone could convince Armand Debelder to make some more of that blend! Never before had I seen such an obvious difference of otherworldliness in a side-by-side tasting of great lambics. The clouds started to appear underneath my feet as soon as I wet my lips on that one, I assure you.

Later on, we had lunch at Brasserie Deus, a new and trendy restaurant with a quite appreciable beer list. I had an excellent stouverij(sp?) and the spicy and warming Ambiorix. Nice food, relax atmosphere, but I am sure there are better places than this in this gorgeous city. But if this were in Montreal, I would still be there every month or so! Ah, Belgium...

Last but not least on our afternoon visit of Ghent was the Waterhuis aan de Bierkant. Another place to fall in love with. The adjoining canal induces amorous feelings and the beer list simply adds to this admirable sentiment. Urthel Samaranth and De Cam Kriek soon flowed in my now-gluttonous gullet and ecstacy remained. If only that damn train would break down and oblige us to stay for the evening...Oh well...We have to return to Ghent for sure and this time stay for a few days easily. Simply too charming. An immense thanks of course to Joris for joining and guiding us!!

Lightning-quick visit of Ghent - Martin T., 05/29/04 09:44:12 AM
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                        Re: Drie Fonteinen Frambozen - Jeremy Gray, 05/31/04 02:40:29 PM
                                Re: Drie Fonteinen Frambozen - Jeremy Gray, 05/31/04 03:36:56 PM
        Re: Lightning-quick visit of Ghent - Joris P., 05/30/04 03:38:35 AM

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