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Re: Taverne St-Germain

Posted by John White on 05/31/2004 07:52:21 AM

I had an horrendous experience in the Taverne St-Germain a few years ago, when I was in Paris for a month on an intensive French course; it was all Michael Jackson's fault, as is explained in the following extract from my 74 page downloadable guide to the beer scen in Paris:

Despite the beers from around the world, the place has a prominent logo displayed, "Bar Belge: Moules, Frites, Bières", i.e. "Belgian Bar: Mussels, Chips, Beer". There are indeed mussels in various forms available, for example, cooked in Gueuze and Kriek, but having had them on the previous three consecutive nights I decided on a change. Recalling Michael Jackson’s article on Paris, in the Independent, in 1992, I ordered something he had merely mentioned, without saying what it was: Andouillette. After an excellent oysters (huîtres) starter, "Speciale No 3 le 6" (six oysters, size number three), my Andouillette de Troyes arrived. It looked like a marvellous sausage, surrounded by a really appetising mustard seed sauce. However, when I cut into it, the smell was appalling, and it was clear that it was just innards of something: chitterlings. I sampled it, but could not swallow. I had to leave the whole dish, explaining that it was not to my taste. Michael was not in my good books that night! I reverted to mussels for the next few nights, which may explain why I came out in a mild rash!

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