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Courtesy in Paris. OT - no beer

Posted by Dick on 05/31/2004 10:04:22 AM

Actually, the St. Germain was the only place that has treated me poorly in Paris in a very long time. The nicer attitudes may be because I speak some French, albeit limited, and with a lame accent. The French probably know that Americans (unlike Quebequois, for example) are not required or expected to learn French, so they may view it as a sign of enlightenment amongst the heathens when one takes a stab at "God's language" ;=D.

Nonetheless, I have noticed a marked improvement in Parisian treatment of tourists. Part may be due to a big government publicity campaign a few years ago to get the people to acknowledge that they had a reputation for rudeness, and to soften it up...a lot. Another part may be the decrease in dollars emigrating to France, although I noticed good change back in the 90s.

Finally, the younger the French person, the more likely s/he speaks at least some English, and is happy to use it. I think that English is increasingly perceived as the language of success to young Europeans. Ironic, I'd say, that English is now the 'lingua franca'!

Anyway, I find Paris a much nicer place these days, the St. Germain excepted. And I wish that John had posted about Le Grain d'Orge before our last trip there. Next time...


Le Dick

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