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Re: Courtesy in Paris. OT - no beer

Posted by Martin T. on 05/31/2004 02:09:07 PM

Actually, most people we encountered in Paris tried to switch the conversation to English once they heard our French. Probably thinking that we were not francophones. And we would persist in French, always making efforts to emulate their accent in order to be understood. The number of quizzical looks we got was astounding and a bit tiresome at the end. And you can ask Joris, we conversed with a pretty light accent for Québécois people! Of course if I had ordered a "Bâton de Feu" (Brasserie des Cîmes if I remember correctly) and pronounced the "â" à la Québécoise and not "à" like the French do, I would never have been understood. The problem though, like in some southern US states, is that I feel some people cannot imagine that someone else speaks their language with a different accent than theirs. And others just don't feel the need to make an effort in order to understand that person with a slightly different accent than theirs.

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