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Re: Drie Fonteinen Frambozen

Posted by Martin T. on 05/31/2004 02:16:36 PM

I don't really remember the price for the Framboos by itself, but I think it was not that expensive for that 375ml bottle. Joris and we when through 3F Kriek, 3F Framboos, Houten Kop, Cantillon Framboise and Val-Dieu Blonde if I remember correctly and the bill at the end was in the 20-euro range or very near. So let's say 5 or 6 euro maximum for one of the best beers I've had in my life... I want a few cases!!

Seriously, I do...If more people feel like this, we should state it clearly to Mr. Debelder. I have sent him a very flattering email, Joris did also and directed him towards the Ratebeer ratings for this beer. This is the kind of product that cannot die. Even if the raspberries are expensive, I'd pay a lot for a product of this quality. And it's not like it won't keep very well!



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