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Report of my short tour in Belgium (part 1)

Posted by Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska on 07/07/2004 05:33:12 PM

Last Thursday after 10 hours trip by car I (with two friends, a couple of homebrewers) came to Asse drinking my first glasses of Girardin lambic (a sulfury jung) at Koekoek before going to my accomodation ("hoeve" in Mollem), then we went to De Rie (temporary closed due to health problem of the owner) so we went soon to Hamme at wonderful Lindenhoeve (Girardin lambics jung & oud) and to Relegem at nice Den Ouden Belg (Girardin oud lambic)rhen to Zellik at Zwan (closed on Thursday, I haven't check the book)so we moved to De Heeren Van Kiedekerke where Joost threat us like a Pope: great aperitif as J&J (Drie Fonteinen Gueuze brewed for Joos and Jesie wedding)in two different versions, pink label for female (blend of Girardin 4yo and Boon 1yo)and blue label for male (blend of Girardin 4yo and Lindemans 1yo). During a great dinner we had a.o. Vanderlinden 1989 and Eylenbosch Frater Ambrosius 1989. Friday we went to Giradin brewery visiting and buying three 10 l. cubitainers of lambic 2yo (about 18,50 Euros each)then we went to my "second family" Cantillon where we had a lot of gems as a.o. Cuvée Champion 2004, Lou Pepe Gueuze 2001, two extraordinary lambics, one from a barrel of Cognac and one fron a barrel of Nuit St. George. Then we went to Biercircus where Patrick (the day before his holidays until the end of July) gave us XX Bitter on tap, Sison Dupont Biologique on tap and Frambozen Vanderlinden 1994. Then we moved to Zageman (Faro cantillon not at his best but we forced the owner to give it us as well. Before dinner we went to Delirium who has increased his 2004 beers (!). We had a.o. Rulles Triple on tap, Boelens Hopkikker and the brand new Cool Mortal (spiced with lavender!).

End of part 1


Report of my short tour in Belgium (part 1) - Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska, 07/07/04 05:33:12 PM
        Re: Report of my short tour in Belgium (part 1) - Jeremy Gray, 07/08/04 01:26:41 PM

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