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Report of my short tour in Belgium (part 2)

Posted by Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska on 07/08/2004 05:59:02 AM

Hungry, after Delirium Café we went to the fantastic Restobières where chef Alain Fayt gave us a lot of excellent food (matjes included) and above all a lot of beers (most of them rare and unusual)I remember a.o. Drie Fonteinen met Scaerbeekse krieken and Oude Geuze 1999, then Bink Blond, Westvleteren 8 & 12, Kriek De Cam, St. Hélène Ambrée, Dupont Bons Voeux, Silenrieux Autruche, two bottles of Winderickx geuze maybe aged more tahn 30 years (the same Joris sampled there)and a brand new beer called Zinnebir from a brand new brewery called Sint Pieters Brouwerij located in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Victor Nonnenstraat 40a. My verdict was: it needs more work. This beer was brought by my dear friend Philippe Emmerechs (Ordre du Faro member) who is homebrewer together with Dick De Kelver (De Lambikstoempers)who just lives in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw.

Sunday morning we moved to West Flanders (Sint Bernardus Brewery accomodation)first stopping in Vichte at Verhaeghe Brewery. Karl was so kind to lead us a great and deep visit of his traditional brewery (wonderful big wooden casks included. When he went out searching some beers for us we tried to find saccharine and aspartame sacks but we found only brown candy sugar:-)))). Jokes apart he is really a skillful brewer and a nice person as well. After Vichte we went to In De Vrede café sampling several hoppy Westvleteren Blond. Then we moved to Fortem Snoek Museum where after an interesting visit we had Snoek Blond and Bruin brewed by Bavik and Strubbe (as written on the beer-menu)in a typical flemish "ambiance" with guys playing pub games. Being Krauwackers pub in Danouter impossible to reach due to an important Rally event (all streets leading there were closed)we went directly to De Bie brewery in Loker where we sampled alll the range on tap (new Stoutedebie and Tripel Riebedebie included). Hungry we went to 't Hommelhof in watou where chef Stefaan Couttenye gave us good food as usual and Hommelbier on tap (we enjoyed twice the one liter jug option). In our brewery-hotel, before going to sleep we had free from our fridge nice beers as Watou Tripel, Sint Bernardus Tripel and Abt. Sunday we went to the Nord Zee stopping in De Haan at De Torre for a quick meal and several beers. We were alittle bit disappointed because all the beers we asked from the beer-menu were not available (I hate this situation)so we had a.o.Moinette on tap, Boon Oude geuze and Oude Kriek, Verhaeghe Lierse Caves. I asked for a Redbach served in a very trendy glass. I always want to know the sweet shit I fight against. It was disgusting. End of part 2.


Report of my short tour in Belgium (part 2) - Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska, 07/08/04 05:59:02 AM
        what a long long .. trying, Lorenzo !! - dany P, 07/10/04 09:04:04 AM
        Re: Report of my short tour in Belgium (part 2) - Jeremy Gray, 07/08/04 01:29:55 PM

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