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Re: Report of my short tour in Belgium (part 2)

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 07/08/2004 01:29:55 PM

>>Sunday morning we moved to West Flanders (Sint Bernardus Brewery accomodation<<

I take it you enjoyed the B & B Lorenzo? I know John White is staying there at the moment, hope he enjoys it as much as we always do.

>>Fortem Snoek Museum where after an interesting visit we had Snoek Blond and Bruin brewed by Bavik and Strubbe <<

We're due to visit in two weeks - how were the beers?

>>I always want to know the sweet shit I fight against. It was disgusting<<

Ha! Nobody can say that you criticise the beers without having tried them - nice work Lorenzo!



Report of my short tour in Belgium (part 2) - Lorenzo Dabove aka Kuaska, 07/08/04 05:59:02 AM
        what a long long .. trying, Lorenzo !! - dany P, 07/10/04 09:04:04 AM
        Re: Report of my short tour in Belgium (part 2) - Jeremy Gray, 07/08/04 01:29:55 PM

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