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Great place to stay: In de Wulf, Dranouter

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 07/28/2004 02:39:55 PM

So on Saturday Theresa and I finally got to stay at a place which we've had on our list for some time - the superb hotel just south of Dranouter, In de Wulf.

Its right on the French border about 10 miles south of Ieper and Poperinge. Its signposted from the centre of Dranouter village, but a good map pays dividends in a place like this.

The hotel only has 10 rooms so its best to book well ahead, but here is its site:


At 88 euros for a double its not exactly bargain basement, but for what you get its a very good price - the hotel really is of a very high standard. Breakfast was also excellent, and for Brits, they even serve proper bacon and eggs - first time I've ever had a proper fry up in Belgium!

Out the back there's a little lake and a couple of those giant white ducks in the garden, and the whole place is thoughtfully furnished and very very comfortable. A real, peaceful gem in the middle of nowhere.

Nowhere, that is, except that Kauwackers is only 11 minutes walk away (yes, Thom, 11 minutes is precisely correct!) and there you can have a good selection of around 70 beers (sadly down from its previous list of about 200, but that's another story)

Anyway, for anyone who likes the B & B at St Bernardus, I would highly recommend a stay at In de Wulf.

BTW, they also have a pretty classy restaurant, but unfortunately we chose not to eat there as we didn't particularly fancy what was on the menu that night - but I have no doubt that the food would be excellent.



Great place to stay: In de Wulf, Dranouter - Jeremy Gray, 07/28/04 02:39:55 PM

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