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Re: Belgian Trip - not that long, very entertaining

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 09/05/2004 04:43:12 PM

Thanks for the write up Martin, enjoyed it very much. A few comments:

>>Carlton Hotel in Gent. I have been stopping there for 17 years is this bill correct 6210 nights?<<

Whereabouts is this one, I am not familiar with it, though much of that is to do with the fact that we have one hotel we always return to in Gent, hence we are never seeking a new place to stay. Also, what was the cost per night?

>>Our next dilemma was whether to try the local station at Liedekerke to see if it was nearer or walk back to Denderleeuw<<

We're booked in for dinner at HvL at the end of October (rang them yesterday instead of suffering the fate of the email box!) and are going to use Iddergem station, which looks half the distance of either Denderleeuw or Liedekerke. Will confirm afterwards if I am right, but I think its about a 10 minute walk.

>>Even so we alighted from a tram and dashed through a thunderstorm to reach the Hop Duvel<<

Now I know we should have arranged to meet last weekend: I am pretty sure we must have been at Hop Duvel at exactly the same time as you were! We were there approx 1700 to 1845. What about you? Difficulty was that we didn't really know where we were going to be each day, hence it was hard to make plans, but if we did end up being in the same place at the same time, sorry we didn't make a firm arrangement. I have to say that we too have had some iffy service at HD before, but last Monday was great & we had our best time there to date - helped enormously by the two amazing bottles of Drie Fonteinen Framboos that we had (the second being even better than the first, demolishing all that stuff about diminishing returns. Wonder what a third would have been like?)

>>Hope I havent bored you all to death<<

Absolutely not - really enjoyed hearing about your trip.



PS Are you going to get to Essen for Kerstbeierfest?

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