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Eating in Brugge - recommendations?

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 09/27/2004 06:46:32 AM

Just wondering where folk who visit Brugge would recommend for food.

Our favourites include In Den Wittenkop, De Koetse (great steaks), Erasmus (great stoofvlees!), Boterhuis (good for lunches, especially huge lasagnes), 't Strijderhuis, Vlaamsche Pot, 't Vlissinghe (again better for lunches), 't Fonteintje and Mariecke van Brugge.

We've also tried Den Dyver, and while the food was ok, the waiters and their ridiculous censorship of your beer consumption puts me off from returning.

We also used to eat at Brasserie Georges until it closed a year or so back; also used to go to Cafe del Arte until it went downhill, and we've been to the fondue house, Pietje Pek a few times - overpriced but fun. Curiosa has also had its moments but we donít go there any more.

So, any recommendations of other places, or comments on the above, would be welcomed.


Eating in Brugge - recommendations? - Jeremy Gray, 09/27/04 06:46:32 AM
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                                Oud Handbogenhof - Filip Geerts, 09/29/04 02:54:03 PM
                                        That's the baby, Filip........I think? NFM - jase, 09/29/04 03:26:12 PM
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                        De Schaere (Scissors) circa 1996 - John Sturm, 09/27/04 10:26:39 AM

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