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Where we ate this weekend.

Posted by Mat W on 09/27/2004 09:02:32 AM

On Thursday night we ate at the Niuew Museum and had an excellent grill. All meats cooked on the wood fire at the rear of the bar. Excellent beer including the very refreshing De Dolle Brouwer's Museum Bier. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. Get there early as it does fill up and.

On Saturday luchtime we ate at the Pietje Pek, or rather I took a look at the prices on the menu and had a bowl of flemish onion soup which smelt and tasted remarkably like the packet onion soup I have at home. I don't mean that it smelt of onions, but it had that remarkably familiar musty smell that most packet soups have. I was also not sure that the tiny bowl I had was worth 7.95 euros. I also thought that 29.95 euros for a plate of Bruges waterzoi was taking the p**s. Needless to say - I didn't bother!

On Saturday eveing we walked into the Hobbit (opposite Daisy's) at 6.10 PM to be met by a very unhelpful waitress who snapped at us when we asked for a table for two. We were asked if we had a reservation (there were 20 empty tables!) and when we said no, she tried to squeeze us into a tiny table at the bar that looked like a child's high chair. We walked out. In 10 years of going to Brugge, I have never managed to eat in this place. I don't think I ever will, if that's their attitude to guests.

Instead we went to an excellent Mediterranean restaurant on St. Armandstraat ~ with you back to the bell tower on the Markt, this street is on the left hand side of the square, near the Quick burger shop ( definitely not recommended by the way! ). The greek restuarant is newly re-opened under new managenent and used to be called Hermes ( I think ) and of course like a complete idiot I can't remember what is was called (it was something like Epistoea ). It advertised Mediterranean cuisine on the door, and was opposite the huge chinese restaurant on the small square half way up St. Armandstraat. I had a delicious pan fried pork fillet steak cooked in a mushroom, brandy and cream sauce, served with a spicy green beans and Claire had a chicken fillet in a similar sauce. We both had starters and a main course and half a carafe of a very good house retsina, as well as a beer each ( Rodenbach, Hoegaarden and Duvel on the small list ), and it came to 60 euros.

well worth it if you want a break from Bier Cuisine.

I also noticed that the Erasmus is now doing fixed menus based on beer cuisine and Tom was saying that he thinks he is going to go over more to food with a decent beer list, rather than operate as a pub as the money is better.



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