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Re: Bruges Restaurant Recommendations

Posted by John White on 09/27/2004 09:14:25 AM

Mat's choice is in this prose below.

By far the best meal that I have had in Bruges is in the Michelin-starred Den Gouden Harynck, Groeninge 25, tel 050 33 76 37. The infamous Michael winner prefers this to the city's three star Karmeliet, where the prices will be stratospheric. Karmeliet is a couple of doors away from the Gay bar with a decent beer list that will probably be in the next Tim Webb guide: De Versteende Nacht, Langestraat 11, tel 050 34 32 93.

The following is very, very, good, and a lot less expensive that the Golden Herring; the text coming from my fifty-two downloadable guide to Bruges, which is available from http://www.whitebeertravels.com/downloads , which has other restaurant recommendations.

De Schaar, Hooistraat 2, tel 050 33 59 79

In the second edition of Tim Webb, there was a bar with a similar name to this, De Schaere (Scissors). From its description it was clearly a classic Speciality Beer bar, but when I went round in 1997, it was all boarded up. In January, 1998 it reopened as a Bistro. I found it to be excellent on my visits in July, 2003 and July, 2004. True, its beer list no longer not warrant an entry in Tim Webb, but, it is a lovely place, with excellent food, in a marvellous area, just to the East of the city centre that the tourists do not usually happen upon. It is worth approaching it via the nearby Koningin Astridpark. After going down Schaarstraat, the place can be seen across the canal, on the right hand corner of Hooistraat, with Predikherenrei.

Draught beers include Hoegaarden at €1.50. Bottles include: Rodenbach at €1.50 (25cl); Westmalle Dubbel/Tripel, Tripel Karmeliet and Duvel, all at €2.50; and Straffe Hendrik and Bourgogne des Flandres, both at €2 (25cl) (July, 2004 prices). House wine in the usual colours is €2.50 a glass. There are very good wines by the bottle to complement the place's excellent food, such as a Moulin-à-Vent at €24, and a Pouilly Fumé at €26.75. The food is cooked, as appropriate, in the restaurant itself, on a lovely charcoal grill. We selected dishes from the blackboard. My wife Joyce had a superb lamb dish (Lamskroontje), which she had again a year later, and I had a top-class Fish Kebab, which included fresh Sword Fish and Tuna. Both dishes were €16.75 (July, 2003). In July, 2004, I had a truly superb dish of Monk Fish (Zeeduivel) Tournedos, for €17. The Lamb is accompanied by an excellent selection of vegetables, my dished with top-notch Pasta. Even a dish that I don't normally care for is very good here: Shrimp Croquettes (Garnaalkroketten) at €8.10 (July, 2004)! Although not having a star in Michelin, it should have; I am confident that you will not be disappointed if you end up here; it is very popular, so it is best to make a reservation, especially at weekends.

Bistro De Schaar, which is run by Nico & Heidi Bouckaert-De Smet, does not open on Thursdays. On other days, it is open from Noon until 2.30pm and from 6pm until 10pm.

Just a little further down from De Schaar, on the same side of Hooistraat, is the nice looking Praat- & Eetcafé De Nisse (De Nisse "Conversation and Eats Bar"), at Hooistraaat 12 (tel 050 34 86 51). On its walls there are regular art exhibitions. Filip Geert states that it has thirty beers. In the window, when shut, in July 2003, I could glean draught Haacht Witbier at €1.65, and a "Suggestie Bier" (unpriced, changing draught beer), and in bottles: Straffe Hendrik at €2.20; Keizer Karel and Rochefort 8o, both at €3.20; and Tongerlo 4o/6o/8o at €2.30/ According to Filip, the Rochefort is served in antique glasses. There is a sun terrace at the back. De Nisse does not open on Tuesday and Wednesday. On other days, it opens from 6pm. On Sunday, it also opens at Noon, presumably shutting between, say, 3pm and 6pm.

Also on the same side of Hooistraat, on the corner with Ganzenstraat, at Hooistraat 42, is In 't Nieuw Museum ( 050 33 12 80, www.nieuwmuseum.be). This most pleasant of restaurant/bars has a beer on draught and in bottle called Museumbier 2002 (6%), which is brewed by De Dolle Brouwers. It is not an etiquette beer, i.e. it is brewed specially for the place, the 2002 denoting the year that Bruges was the Cultural Capital of Europe. There is not much else in the Speciality Beer line, but the place is nice enough and with such a train spotter's beer? It is open from Noon until 2pm and from 6pm until 10.30pm. It does not open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Reservations are recommended for dining.

Then, on Ganzenstraat itself, at number 37, just around the corner from In 't Nieuw Museum, the Restaurant Ganzespel (tel 050 33 12 33) comes highly recommended by Filip Geerts. The "Goose Game" is housed in a very old, beamed building. The walls are decorated with old goose games and geese. On his January, 2004 visit, Filip declared the place to be Outstanding. Dishes sampled included: Ostrich in Honey Sauce, at €17.20; and Young Deer in a sweet Fraise du Bois (Wood Strawberries) Sauce, at €19. The dish of the Day is €7.50. Filip remarked on the very friendly service. There are twenty-four beers, including: Rochefort 10o at €3; Westmalle Dubbel at €2; and EKU Kulminator (at least fourteen years old) at €3.50. Bruges resident Filip described it as one of his most enjoyable restaurant visits ever in Bruges! It is not open from Noon until 2pm and from 6pm until 10pm. It is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

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