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Re: Where we ate this weekend.

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 09/27/2004 01:46:22 PM

Thanks Mat, that new mediterranean place sounds worth checking out - I know exactly where it is from your description.

Nieuw Museum - sadly as we usually visit in January we've yet to find it open - they are always on annual holidays when we're there - but one day, maybe. Always sounds good from your description.

>>I also thought that 29.95 euros for a plate of Bruges waterzoi was taking the p**s.<<

Indeed. Prices for the fondues are also amazingly high, especially given that you have to do the cooking yourself!!

>>Tom was saying that he thinks he is going to go over more to food with a decent beer list, rather than operate as a pub as the money is better<<

Alarming information - especially if the news about De Zolder is confirmed as being terminal closure. When we were last there in January, he was talking about doubling the size of his beer list, wonder what has changed?

Hobbit - any other views of this one? Pretty sure we've never eaten there but I do recall being inside one time for a drink.



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