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Re: Advice on Belgium please

Posted by Gunter on 09/28/2004 10:29:52 AM

Westmalle is indeed not open to the public. You can have the beers in the pub outside of the abbay. http://www.cafetrappisten.be/

Other must visit beer places in Antwerp: Pater's Vaetje (next to the magnificent cathedral)and 't Waagstuk.

Go to the flea market on Sunday (AM) near the foot passengers tunnel, you might find very cheap Belgian beer glasses.

My favorite restaurants in Antwerp are "La Finca" (Belgian and Mexican kitchen) and "De Kip" (Mostly chicken dishes), but very cheap and really good.

The beerlists however are very short.

The local beer in Antwerp is an amber ale De Koninck, really refreshing from the tap. They also have a blond and a tripel recently, but you couldn't care less. The brewery does tours. ( http://www.dekoninck.be )

Cheers, and have a good time


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