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Re: Eating in Brugge - recommendations?

Posted by jase on 09/28/2004 03:10:42 PM

Everyone suggestions are good (not too keen on Curioso though).

There is a place in North west Brugge near St Gilleskerke on Balliestraat and the name of which I always forget (very Flemish anyway!), It does wonderful daily specials (fantastic Ham in mosterd sauce) and a nice terrace out back. The beer list is a bit on the dull side (Hougaerdse DAS, Brugse Tripel etc)but friendly staff, good food, reasonable prices and great atmosphere (which is not compulsery in Brugge anymore!). I will do my best to recall the name and post it.

This part of Brugge is my favourite part and nice and quiet with lots of interesting diversions. The stained glass rear windows of St Gilleskerke lit at night are lovely!



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