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Re: Advice on Belgium please

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 09/29/2004 08:11:08 AM

Hi Kelly, welcome!

You will have a great time in Antwerp, no doubt, and the others have already highlighted the four best beer bars in town: Kulminator, Paters Vaetje, 't Waagstuk and Oud Arsenaal. All are very very good. The first and the last are exceptional.

You may also wish to try De Vagant, the excellent jenever bar, or Grote Witte Arend - both very near each other just round the corner from the main square.

It would also be worth investing in a copy of the best Belgian beer guide, Tim Webb's Good Beer Guide to Belgium and Holland:


Finally, in Antwerp you are only a short train ride from Mechelen, Gent, Brugge and Brussels, and there are loads of great beer cafes, breweries, restaurants in all, so do check them out.



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