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Re: Cantillon Visits

Posted by PeteH on 10/06/2004 03:39:03 AM

I took a tour of the brewery in Feb. of this year, and it's well worth it. I think the hours are 9am-5pm. I don't know anything about the guided tour- I just took the self-guided tour w/ the pamphlet. You do get a tasting at the end. You can also buy the beers there at good prices. (Pick up a jar of one of their marmalades, also- quite interesting). In Brussels, go to Bier Mania and the Bier Tempel for purchases. As for bars, the best one is Le Bier Circus. Also, check out the Delirium Cafe (for kicks)- some of the prices on the beer menu are rather amusing, to say the least (Bigfoot and HOTD Golden Rose- 50 Euros each! Thomas Hardy's- 100 Euros, and even a 33cl bottle of Hinano (from Tahiti) goes for 100 Euros!

No joke! Have fun in the Motherland.

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