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Excellent stuff, Jim

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 10/13/2004 03:44:45 PM

This is a good read, don't worry about the length. A few comments:

>>We then stopped in Beertje....a 3 Fonteinen.which gave me instant credibility with owner Jan <<

Not sure who this was. Daisy is in sole charge of 't Brugs Beertje now; I haven't seen Jan in several years. Was this perhaps a member of staff called Jan?

>>where do these vendors come from<<

>>Do they move frm town to town? <<

Yes, its a market, and the traders set up their stalls and sell their produce in a different town each day. Sounds like you were at the Brugge market which is in the Markt on a Wednesday; a similar set of traders set up in 't Zandt square in Brugge on a Saturday.

>>and why are people buying whole cooked chickens at 8 am?<<

LOL! As a big fan of the kip aan 't spit I can vouch for the quality of this stuff. Its an annual event now, me sitting in a freezing cold Markt in Brugge in January eating this delicious stuff. I assume most folk who buy it bring it home and have it for dinner later, not for breakfast. But I may be wrong.

The B & B at Watou: ah, another one to sample the sumptuous surroundings provided by Bernadette. Great to hear you enjoyed it.

Terminus: we've been there once and also had a great meal there - definitely recommended.

Niewen Haene: did it only serve the beers from Van Eecke, or others too?

Wally: now that's what I call hospitality. Sounds like a great guy. You also did well with the other lifts you were given and the overall welcome, which is typical of folk in that area.

Thanks again for the report.



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