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Re: Excellent stuff, Jim

Posted by Jim Keaveney on 10/13/2004 04:40:10 PM

Glad you enjoyed it Jeremy.

"Not sure who this was. Daisy is in sole charge of 't Brugs Beertje now; I haven't seen Jan in several years. Was this perhaps a member of staff called Jan?"

I read that Jan and Daisy were the owners in Tim Webb's book. I ASSumed this character was Jan as I have seen him working the bar all 3 times I have been there (2 x last year). He is a tall, lean, fairly young guy. He implied that he was an owner as we were discussing the fact that the place is closed on Wednesday and he told me that one of the perks of having your own business is that you can set your own hours. As we were leaving he said he would see me next year. For some reason, I thought his name was George?

"Niewen Haene: did it only serve the beers from Van Eecke, or others too?"

If they did, there were not many. They had the Van Ecke bottles lined up on a shelf behind the bar. There may have been a couple others but certtainly not an extensive list. Nice litle place tho to pop in for one or two.

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