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Brussels cafes

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 10/17/2004 06:19:44 AM

Jim, thanks for part three, its all been a good read. Regarding Lop Lop, I have no idea if its still open or if it has indeed closed permanently, but IMO you didn't miss much - I only went a couple of times but it wasn't really to my liking, very very loud and packed. I think I had also heard that the beer choice had diminished.

>>The Delerium café boasts some 2500 beers with a guarantee of 2004 at all times<<

Are they really now boasting 2500? Only figure I had heard previously was that they did 2004 beers - and apparently this figure was indeed verified by the Guinness Book of Records person when they opened. So they now have a sign or a note on the beer list stating 2500?

Anyway, thanks for the effort in writing up your trip report, Jim.



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