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Re: What a day

Posted by Jeroen on 12/13/2004 09:53:38 AM

I had to change plans and could only attend on Sunday. Luckily Jeremy, two Steves and a few other babblers were still going strong! What a great fest indeed. Smisje Kerst on draught was amazing, and a worthy nomination for beer of the festival (and to me beats the calva reserva version). Gouden Carolus NoŽl was outstanding as well. The Special Oerbier Reserva was the most peculiar beer tasting experience of 2004 for me. I personally loved it, although I'm not sure how to compare it to other beers (or beer in general for that matter). If I ever tasted a cross-over between beer and wine, this was it (move over, Saint-Lamvinus!).



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