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SteveG - About your trip to Gent re: Accomodations

Posted by John Sturm on 12/13/2004 08:55:34 PM

Steve, I noticed in the replies to your Ghent inquiry that there were not a lot of responses about hotels. Since you have not been there much I would assume you will be looking for accomodations. My best tip would be applicable only if you were looking for the most budget conscious options available. Hotel Flandria is right in the centrum and the prices there are unbeatable. Believe me, it's nothing fancy, tho the breakfast room is considerably nicer than the sleeping rooms. The sleeping rooms are very basic and perhaps a bit on the run down side.

Jeremy probably has some tips that are a little more upscale, yet perhaps a little more appropriate for couples. However Joelle and Dan stayed at Flandria and survived.

I also stayed in an apartment one time and I may have some documentation on that too. It was nearer to St Pieters stations and was quite reasonable. For that one I'd have to dig through my personal archives to see what I have. I do know that it was on a list of places that I received at the station. It think was also one of the closest options to the station as it was the first place we tried. We had a private apartment and since they were not quite ready for the season they charged us half price. The lady that ran the place was nice as can be.

Hope this helps.


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