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Ah Ha!!!!!!!

Posted by Mat W on 12/31/2004 06:15:31 PM

From a Peter Franklin on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scoopgen/message/8351

Mat Wilson asked about the brewer for Boars Head Braggart which he purchased

from Only Fine Beer (or Wine) off-licence in Chelmsford. While I cannot

guarantee this I suspect that it is bewed by the Maldon (Farmer's) brewery at

the Boars Head in Maldon (a very small microbrewery).

From a Jez Blake on http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scoopgen/message/8352

The brewery is actually at the Blue Boar in Maldon, which makes it

less likely to have come from Maldon Brewery (why not call it Blue

Boar Braggart?). I think the name is not a reference to a specific

pub but to an old Christmas Carol. My own guess would be Ballards,

but again I cannot back this up with hard facts. Googling brings up

nothing of relevance.

Hope this is of use Joris.

Mat W

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