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Re: Brussels suggestions

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 03/26/2005 05:15:53 AM

Here's a few more:

Delirium Café, 4a Impasse de la Fidelite -sells 2004 different beers. Open every day 10am to 4am.

Mort Subite, 7 rue Montagnes aux Herbes Potageres – though it might not be that quiet.

Spinnekopke, 1 place du Jardin aux Fleurs –More of a restaurant than a beer bar, but they have an excellent beer list.

Toone, 6 Impasse Shuddevelde, off 21 Petit rue des Bouchers.

Imaige de Nostre Dame, Impasse des Cadeaux, off 8 rue Marche aux Herbes.

Bon Vieux Temps – Impasse St Nicolas, off 12 rue Marche aux Herbes.

Cirio, right by the Bourse.

Falstaff, other side of the Bourse from Cirio.

Hope this helps!



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