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Belgium Trip - Day 1

Posted by Rich Link on 03/29/2005 09:33:45 PM

I'll try not to ramble too much in these reports.

March 3, 2005

After no sleep on the plane, we arrive in Brussels at 9 Am to a light dusting of snow. The last time we were in Brussels it was 93 deg F. Now its in the 30s, in the midst of the coldest snap since 1971. Go figure. Maybe I should not come back, who knows what will happen next. The first stop is the bar, where I, my wife Teresa, Tod Fitzsimmons (AleSmith Brewer) and his wife Kari order Hoegaarden. It refreshes us and we are on our way to catch the train to Gent.

In Gent we are staying at Aparthotel Castlenou (www.castelnou.be). The rooms are like small apartments, with separate living room and kitchenette. We check in and take a 2-3 hour nap. Waking somewhat refreshed, we go downstairs to the hotel pub and have a round of beers. The beer list is pretty fair Hapkin, Orval, Westmalle Tripel and Dubbel, plus about 20 others. It also had the best waterzooi we had on our trip! It is located less than 10 minutes by foot from the Dampoort Station. It is just off the St. Anne Plein, and very close to the Trappistenhuis.

After some great food (waterzooi, stooflees, chicken. Etc), we head off for the Trappistenhuis. I had not been here before, and was very much looking forward to it. Great atmosphere, great beer list, great music and a small non-smoking room in the back. Highlights included Alvinne Blond, Slaapmutske Tripel, Gouden Carolus Tripel, and Cuvee de Trolls. Really enjoyed this pub. Wish we could have spent more time here.

Back to the hotel for a night cap, a couple of jenevers and Kwak, Agnus and Rodenbach. It had been a while since Id had Kwak, so I felt obliged. Then off to bed for, hopefully, a good nights sleep.

Tomorrow: More kicking around Gent

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