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Re: Belgium Trip - Day 1

Posted by glenn on 03/30/2005 01:10:16 AM

Fancy a visit to picobrewery Alvinne, Rich? This afternoon David Furer is visiting us. I'll be in the brewery tomorow afternoon (visit from Casimir Elsen, chief redactie Zytholoog) or if you would like to visit us before noon I can be there as well.There is a train from Gent to Kortrijk. Then take the train to Zeebrugge (Brugge). The first station is Ingelmunster. If you give me a call I can pick you up (0486555314).

Yesterday we had Podge and his group, great fun. They tasted the four different Podge BI Stout. The winner was overwhelming, although there was a lot of discussion. It's actually the Scottish yeast that won, something the Englishmen surely didn't expect. The Irish one was second. Because the trouble we had with the Scottisch one during fermentation we will problebly take the Irish one (most prefert one at the ZBF)

Rich, if you visit us, we have some Stout left!

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