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Belgium Trip - Day 2 - More Gent

Posted by Rich Link on 03/30/2005 08:52:07 PM

March 4

A cold winterís day. This would be our only full day in Gent, so we started out early. Our plan was to walk to the Gravensteen, Gentís great castle. It appeared to be about a twenty minute walk. We started out and it was cold Ė very cold. Please be advised that I was born and raised in Southern California, where temperatures very rarely fall below freezing, and daytime temperatures rarely fall below 55. Well, this 30 degree weather with wind was a bit much for me and the rest of our gang. In fact, at the girlís behest, we stopped in for some hot chocolate and decaf. Sufficiently warmed, we continued on toward the Gravensteen, but Tod spotted the Design Museum, and we went in to look around. At this point I have Worked Up a Powerful Thirst, hereafter to be referred to a WUPT. The closest pub was Ďt Galgenhuise (The Little Gallows House), one of two pubs claiming to be Gentís oldest pub. After a mixed round of beers, of which Kasteel Bruin was the clear winner, we once again headed to the Gravensteen.

Did I mention it was cold? Omygawd, it was cold. And up on top of the castle it was windy, and COLD. We had a nice cold visit at the castle, but WUPT, so we then headed to Het Waterhuis. This place has a great beer list that is well laid out. Iím sorry we havenít had more time to spend here. A great round of beers included Girardin Gueuze, Boon Mariage Parfait, De Cam Oude Gueuze and Gandavum Dry Hopping, a beer that seemed to be brewed for the pub, but I did not ask. As we sit sipping our wonderful beers, it starts to snow.

We head out again, with no particular destination, but then Kari starts getting very cold (frankly, I was as well, but did not let on). So we head for the next closest pub, Dulle Greit. Iíve had mixed feelings about this pub. It is very large, with a non-smoking area in the back. There are a lot of great beers on this list, even though the layout of the list is maddening. The prices are high, but they have great specials. Iíve been told service can be surly, but I havenít had that problem. I guess in the big scheme of things, itís a darn good pub. I just wish the menu was laid out in a manner conducive to finding the beer youíre looking for. (I did say I wouldnít ramble, right? Well, I made it this far. Sorry)

Anyway, we trudge in out of the cold and increasing snow, make our way to some quiet. Smoke-free seats in the back, and peruse the menu. I note that the special is Duchesse de Bourgogne Ė 2 for 1! Tod and the girls jump on this and I order an Augustijn, since it was the first thing I saw when I opened the menu. We then order some appetizers, and try deciphering the hidden code of the beer menu. Since ĺ of the second round was free (3 more Duchesseís), I was the only one who had to make a decision. I settled on Girardin Kriek. I love it.

Itís starting to get near dinner time, so we set out looking for waterzooi. In the Korenmarkt we go to a place where we had great waterzooi a couple of years ago, only to find that they now serve only desserts. So we stop in next door and order Jan Van Gent, Rodenbach (Tod really likes this beer) and Duvel. The waterzooi was very salty and quite disappointing.

We flag down a taxi and go back to the hotel. Tod and Kari did not sleep the night before, or since we left San Diego. At this point they had been awake for nearly 48 hours. But that didnít stop Tod from having a Hoegaarden Grand Cru at the hotel for a night cap.

By the way, I take notes of all the beers we drink on our Belgium trips. I forgot to note that on Day 1 we had 17 different beers, and 20 total. On Day 2 we had 15 different beers, 20 total. At the end of each dayís report, the tallies will be given, including the cumulative totals.

Day 2

15 different beers

20 total

Grand Total

32 different beers

40 Total

Belgium Trip - Day 2 - More Gent - Rich Link, 03/30/05 08:52:07 PM
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