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Posted by Jeremy Gray on 04/01/2005 02:22:21 AM

Sorry you didn't like the Angerik beers, Rich:)

Strong comments on smoking and not going back till its banned: despite recent rumours here to the contrary, I will be very surprised if this happens in Belgium any time soon - wasn't it instructive that none of our Belgian based contributors were able to confirm the rumour about a ban coming in? Surely if it was true, someone living in Belgium would have heard about it and been able to confirm it?

So I guess you are in for a very long wait. Also interesting that you got so bothered by the smoke at ZBF: that was one of the places that we didn't notice it at all! - and yet we were only sitting a few tables away from you. It really didn't bother me one bit in there; OTOH there have been several times in Belgian pubs recently when we were completely smoked out.

Anyway, I hope that next time you come it will be in a smoke free Belgium!



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