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Posted by Rich Link on 04/01/2005 12:46:44 PM

I was told about the January 1, 2007 ban by Bernadette at St. Bernardus. She was excited about it. I'm also surprised that nobody else confirmed this.

I think our problem with cigarette smoke stems from the fact that we live in an area where all buildings, including pubs and restaurants, are smoke-free. We never come in contact with smoke. Jeremy, you go to smokey pubs quite often, and must have a bit of conditioning to it. Our experience at ZBF, on our third day in Belgium, was, in our opinion, extremely smokey.

Yes, I realize my comments were strong, and I expected to hear quite a bit of comments in return. However, that's how I feel. I realize I may be putting some people off (smokers), but dammit, they continue to ruin my drinking and dining experiences. Just wait 'til you hear about our dinner at 't Hommelhof.

If smoking is never banned in Belgium, I will return, but it will be in the summer months, when we can sit outside. I'm actually starting to target June 2007, as that will be our 20th wedding anniversary.

Oh yeah, the Angerik beers. Did you taste those? Were we the only people who found these undrinkable?

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