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Re: L'Etoile d'Or, Brussels

Posted by John White on 04/03/2005 06:15:29 PM

There is no Web page.

The following are the notes on my visit a couple of years ago:

The Golden Star is listed in the Michelin Guide in 2003, but not 2004. In the guide it, was described as an "Ancien café bruxellois" (Former Brussels Bar), is a much less well known beer cuisine restaurant than the previous entry. We were warmly greeted by Christina Plumhans. We should have had a reservation, but she managed to fit us in.

The starters and main courses available are listed on two blackboards. Examples of starters on the night of the visit included: Bloedpens, pommes caramalisées (a slice of an enormous Black Pudding with Caramelised Apple) at €6.95; Scampis à la kriek et orange (in a Cantillon Kriek and Orange Sauce) at €12.45; Soupe au potiron (Pumpkin Soup) at €5.45; and Champignons à l'Escargot (Mushrooms in Garlic Butter, the latter being the normal accompaniment to Escargots or Snails, which are not present in this dish) at €6.95. Main Courses included: Carbonade à la Maredsous (Maredsous Marinated Beef Stew) and Filets de rougets florentine (Red Mullet and Spinach), both at €16.11; and Magret de canard à l'orange et fleurs de thym (Preserved Duck in Orange and Thyme Sauce) at €13.90. The €4.96 desserts included Sorbet à la Bière, the Beer being a choice of Cantillon Kriek or Gueuze.

Draught beers included a Blanche at €1.95. Bottled beers listed in the menu include: Cantillon Gueuze/Kriek/Framboise at €3.47/3.72/4.46 respectively for 37.5cl; Westmalle Tripel at €3.72; and Orval and Duvel, both at €2.97. However, Christina brought to the table some unlisted beers for our perusal and subsequent drinking, these being Hercule Stout (€3.72), Stille Nacht and the great Avec Les Bons Voeux de la Brasserie Dupont (€7.44 (75cl)). Cantillon is very close to the place, on the other side of the Petit Ring. There are some good wines available.

Inside, it is a joy to behold. It was built around 1880 as a Bistrot, these being places where one could have a drink, but not eat. It had continuous seating around the edge, which it does to this day, although this has been carefully restored and widened to make it more comfortable than it originally was. The tables, which are rectangular with curved ends, are originals or reproductions of them. The original red floorboards are splendid, these being Le "Rotte Planchei" of the alternative name of the place. There are some super mirrors and a lovely stove, which was originally fed with coal, but has been cleverly converted to be oil fired. The impressive exit to the toilets, on one side of the open cooking area, is signed "Cour" (Courtyard).

As I was settling the bill with Christina, a man could be seen cooking, who I assumed to be her husband, Henri Plumhans. I asked for confirmation that it was he, a split second before I noticed a photo of a man, who I estimated to be his mid forties, on the desk. This turned out to be a photo of Henri, who Christina then told me, without further elaboration, had died six months earlier. She said that the man cooking was a temporary stand in, until the new chef, "Corinne", arrived in early December, 2002. Tim Webb states that this place is in the same ownership as In 't Spinnekopke, the previous entry, i.e. Jean/Juan Rodriguez.

L'Étoile d'Or is open from Noon until 2.30pm on Monday to Friday and from 7pm until 10.30pm on Monday to Saturday. It does not open on Sundays or on National Holidays. It is also closed from mid July for a month.

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