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Saw your site and had to write - Evan

Posted by Evan on 11/28/2005 04:17:32 PM

To the President of babblebelt.com,

My name is Evan and I am an Account Representative at Pop Culture PR. I

saw your site this morning, and thought of some PR ideas that could be

done. . .

First, let me tell you a bit about what we do. . .

In the past 12 months, our Los Angeles-based publicity agency has landed

clients in USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Maxim Magazine, Los Angeles

Times, CNN, Newsweek, ABC TV, NBC TV, Forbes Magazine and hundreds of

other media outlets.

Pop Culture Public Relations specializes in consumer and lifestyle

publicity and typical campaigns generate 3-5 million readers and viewers

via radio, newspapers and television.

We are a very selective firm, only wanting to represent clients in venues

that we would enjoy and have FUN working with, and you ARE THAT!

We have media contacts world wide, if you are interested in reaching

millions then we need to talk. . .

Please visit www.popculturepr.com to see our work, team and list of

publicity services.

I just want to get a conversation started, are you available for a phone

talk later this week?

Please let me know,



Evan White

Account Executive

Pop Culture Public Relations



Phone: (818) 703-9202

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