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Jezza's Brugge restaurant awards 2006

Posted by JezzaP on 03/16/2006 04:02:56 PM

This is the one that started all the trouble with Dickie’s last year, so I better watch out! Anyway, here goes:

Best restaurant in Brugge: best place we went to this time was De Nisse, on Hooistraat. Run solely by a husband and wife team – him out front, her in the kitchen – this is a supremely cosy local bistro with very high quality, freshly cooked and very well presented food. They do superb soups – we went twice and had lobster soup on our first visit and tomato on our second – and the prawns are superb, melt in the mouth with a lovely but very simple garlicky butter sauce. Friendly and very very welcoming.

Best restaurant in Brugge part two: In den Wittenkop, St Jakobstraat: our favourite last year is still superb, still doing their thing. One of the loveliest brown cafes in Brugge (despite the red paint). Wonderful place with two slightly quirky, very welcoming and friendly hosts.

Best restaurant in Brugge part three: De Schaar, also on Hooistraat, which we have now been to about 4 times, and every time its wonderful. A great street, Hooistraat – De Nisse lies between De Schaar and In het Nieuw Museum, all three being good places to eat.

Most overrated restaurant in Brugge: without any shadow of a doubt, this year’s award goes to Den Dyver. What a load of pretentious nonsense this place is. A complete rip off for what you get – and I don’t mind paying good money for a good deal – this place serves small portions of not particularly amazing food, charging amazingly high prices in the process. I was amazed to read glowing reports from Logan and Tom B down the board saying how great the recent beer menu was: I found it hugely disappointing, we spent 126 euros for the two of us and left feeling very hungry. The beers I had were poor – Witkap Stimulo, which IMO has little to commend it these days; Moinette Blonde – the one superb beer served; and Lindemans Faro, which was pure disgusting. The food was weird, fussy, over ambitious and just didn’t work: ‘lasagne’ was two pieces of pitta with a tiny thing of chicken in the middle; the fish was sea bream – this was indeed superb, there is no doubt about that, by a mile the best bit of the meal – served with terrible brown pasta that was semi cold and which had been drowned in vinagerette or something; and the ‘tiramisu’ was actually two slices of cheese with a biscuity layer of something in between – I couldn’t even touch it. And the waiter definitely still needs a good punch!

Sliding down the charts: De Koetse didn’t really do the do this time, we were somewhat disappointed as it was just not up to its usual standard. We still like this place, however, and will try it again as its usually better. Hope its not on a downward track….

Best lunch deal: this year the best deal we found in terms of price/quality was at ‘t Strijdershuis, three courses for just 12.50 euros. Excellent quality and as ever we really enjoyed this one. Usual range of beers.

Not quite the best deal but superb food: the Erasmus lunch deal, three courses for 17.50 euros. Not quite a bargain lunch, but absolutely superb food. Patrick the chef is certainly cranking out some top notch grub in Tom’s fantastic place.

Another good lunch bet: Pili Pili on Hoogstraat – Tom still doing a roaring trade serving simple but high quality pasta dishes at a very reasonable price.

Yet another good lunch option: try the large shared table and simple hearty soups, salads and breads, etc at Le Pain Quotidien, right next door to the new bar, Cambrinus. Thanks to John W for the recommendation, definitely worth checking out.

New local neighbourhood restaurant: Baobab, Philipstockstraat, very near Cambrinus (new bar with 400 beers). Cosy South African wine bistro serving excellent home cooked South African specialities and a decent range of wines if you like that sort of thing. Great guy running this new place which just opened last May.

Celebrating its 500th birthday in just 9 years’ time: Vlissinghe – another good lunch option, still as ever, what a wonderful place.

Best ribs in Oerbier: ok then, I won’t even go there….!



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