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Car rental in Europe...

Posted by ToddA on 05/16/2006 08:43:57 PM

Your age will most likely be a problem... Check in advance. Rent in advance or get prices so high you'll think you're buying the car. Shop for deals. Where are you thinking of renting? Brussels airport is higher than Gare Du Midi when you look up Hertz. Airports have all sorts of taxes and fees so be prepared. Upselling was a problem for me in Germany last December when Avis advised me they were going to charge me 15 Euro more a day for snow tires... I asked them to find me a car without snow tires or they would rent me the car at the agreed price shown in my rental confirmation. They relented but print your documents prior to leaving if you rent online!

Gas is high, and watch out for BOB...meaning you better have someone sober in the car driving.


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