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Trip Report Day 1-Day 5

Posted by Aaron on 04/16/2001 08:11:18 PM

Sorry for the delay on my trip report but I just haven't been able to get on line. Now I'm here, so here it goes. I'm not much of a writer so this will be slightly cryptic. If anyone is interested in any of the specifics just ask.

Day 1: Flying out of Boston is a nightmare. Tried to drink all of the Stella Artois on the plane but it still didn't help.

Day 2: Brussels. The train ride from the air port was simple. Found the Hotel Arlequin but couldn't check in so we dropped off the luggage and went to exchange money. Walked around Lower Town. All vacation we followed the guide book written by the Lonely Planet and it never let us down. Had some beers at Mort Subite. I've always liked this place. The decor and large front windows are so inviting. Went to Bier Temple and picked up some glassware. Headed to Cantillon for an afternoon visit. This was my second time here and it always impresses? or scares? me I can never tell which one. Had dinner at Falstaff (great meal) and made the trek to Bier Circus. It was my wifes' first visit and she quickly understood why I talked so highly of this place. Patrick was behind the bar. He was so professional. I just wish I would meet one bar owner in the US that cared so much about his beer and his customers. We left very happy but not too drunk, we had a long trip ahead of us.

Day 3: Brussels. Hit the antique distict and Upper Town. If you go to Brussels and don't go to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, you are really missing something. The Rubens room was worth the price of admission. Had a Chimay Blue in the Museum cafe for lunch, it was just perfect. On our way back to the hotel we dipped into Toon. Great bar, cheap beer, cool atmosphere. We freshened up and headed back to Bier Circus for 230BEF bolanaise for dinner and many great beers.

Day 4: Diskmuide/Essen. Picked up the car sunday morning and made our escape from Brussels. So far the weather was good but it soon got even better with two days of blue skies and high 50s temps. Tried stopping in at Rodenbach but they were shut up tighter than a drum. Got to Diskmuide before noon. Dropped the luggage off at the hotel and headed to De Dolle. I had planned a whole day at De Dolle and I was not disappointed. I just love this place and the beer. Children playing, two and sometimes three generations of families drinking together. Kris in his funky jacket. Grand Mere giving great informative and interesting tours. I just didn't want to leave. He had Oerbier, Bos Keun and Arabier on tap. I did my part at lowering the keg levels. We had a good talk with Kris on the back patio. I steered clear of the Oerbier yeast topic until he brought it up. He said, and I quote him now "A brewer would rather lose his wife than his yeast strain". He did give me some good new though, he is shipping Dulle Teve to the US in 750 ml bottles. We went back into Diskmuide but found most of the town closed. We watched the Brazilian GP (we're big Schumacher fans) and got a bite to eat.

Day 5: Drove up to the coast. Couldn't believe how built up it was. We definitely expected something different. After a short walk on the beach, we headed to Westvleteren. Had a great lunch a few beers at the cafe. They've really done a wonderful (or awful, depending on your opinion) job with the cafe. We sat out on the patio and just listened to the farmland. We then headed onto De Bie. We actually found it and they were open. We were the only ones there for several hours. I was really impressed with their beers. The whole line up was tasty and interesting. Several cyclist stopped in for some coffee. The little cafe there is awsome. An old stone building in the middle of farmland with a beautifully planted patio. If anyone is in the area you really must try to stop by. Day five was quickly becoming one of those Belgian moments. We headed to the B&B in Watou at the St Bernardus brewery. What a great place. The house and hospitality was first rate. Regretfully the Hommelhof was closed so we went to the Sparhof for dinner instead. Then it was back to the B&B for a solid satisfied nights sleep.

I'll continue my story on wednesday with our arrival in Brugge, A night to remember with fellow babblers in Brussels and our last few days in Antwerp.



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