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Trip Report Day 6 - the end :(

Posted by Aaron on 04/18/2001 09:18:40 PM

Day 6: We woke up to a fantastic breakfast at the B&B Brouwuis (sp) and then had a tour of the brewery from the head brewer. A really nice well thought out brewery with some old equipment. On our way out the door our host handed us two, 4-packs w/glasses of their beer. We really didn't want to leave but Bruge lay ahead.

A quick stop into Noel Cuvelier's for a few beers. If this place was within a 100 mile radius from my house here in the states, I would never buy my beer anywhere else. Excellent selection and cheap prices, just incredible.

Hit Bruge before noon. A very beautiful city but not one to drive or park in. Stuck our car in a garage and found our hotel. Great room overlooking the canal. To get oriented we took one of the boat tours. It was a relaxing half hour. Seeing things from the water gives one an interesting perspective of this great city. Had lunch and headed to Brugs Beertje. It as very quiet. I really liked this place. The beer related material on the walls is impressive. Had several beers and went back to the hotel for a rest before dinner. Dinner was at Dyver. This place was a little too pretensious for me. Also our dinner lasted 3 hours! By the time we got back to Beertje it was packed and very, very, very smokey. Now cigarette smoke doesn't bother Dee Dee or I but when you can't taste the beer your drinking because it's so thick, well it's just not enjoyable. So we called it a night. It was sad in a way because I think I could really spend some quality time at Beertje enjoying the selection.

Day 7: The next day we cruised around Bruge hitting a few of the museums and the cathedrals. We quickly realised that this town must be packed with tourists in the summer. It's beautiful. Stopped into a beer/glass/tourist store called Het Beirpaleis. Great selection and very cheap. Stoped in to Straffe Hendrike for lunch. Didn't bother with the tour, there was a large group waiting already. Did some more walking and stopped into Erasmus for an afternoon beer. Decided to come back for dinner. After resting at the hotel walked to Erasmus and had a great dinner. The owner/ host is a very nice man. We were the only ones there. I asked him about the "black labelled" bottle of Oerbier above the bar and I found out he is good friend with Kris at De Dolle. Upon leaving he gave me a bottle of 21, a beer made especially for his restraunt by Kris. We were feeling good so we headed to De Garre (Beertje is closed on wednesday). We had a great time here. For those of you who have never ben there, you have to walk down this very small, tight alleyway and at the very end is the entrance to the bar. It was hopping but not crowded. Service was excellent and the beers were expertly poured. It was the perfect way to end our time in Bruge.

Day 8: Finally a dreary day. it was almost fitting since we were headed to Ghent. To put it simply, we didn't enjoy Ghent. We found the town dank and it sort of smelled bad. I think they are having sewage system problems there. We did walk the bell tower saw the Van Ecke painting "The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb". It was our first rainy day. Also if you get a room in Ghent, do not stay at Saint Jorishof. The one bright spot though was our dinner/night at the Hopduvel. This bar alone made the trip to Ghent worth it.

Day 9: We headed back to Brussel for the BBB event. We kind of wasted the day taking care of some of our gift buying and then made the walk to Le Zagemen. Well this night has been written about quite a bit so I won't say too much other than if you weren't there you missed a memorable occassion. Dann showing up at Bier Circus only made the night better.

Day 10: We haeaded to Antwerp with hazy heads. Antwerp is a beautiful town. The cathedral was the most impressive we had seen. We kind of just wandered around enjoying the sights. Strolled into Pater Vertje for lunch and I immediately fell in love with this place. Can't explain why but the food was great, they have an interesting selection of beer and the service is friendly. We left and walked around the shopping district and down to the Diamond district. Nothing exciting, but very busy. Around 5 pm we walked to Kulminator. Hmmm...well, the beer selection is insane. Too big. I came to Kulminator to drink one beer and I probably should have waited but I couldn't. I ordered an original vintage Oerbier and enjoyed every sip. But after that I didn't care if we stayed. The bar is a little untidy, it was cold and the tacky advertising hanging from the ceiling just didn't do it for me so we left after two beers, just like that. We had a rather uneventful evening. I think we had sort of lost some steam.

Day 11: The next day, our last full day started slowly. I packed a lot of my bottles and glassware and then we went to go meet Frank F at the cathedral. We greatly appreciate the effort he made to meet us, driving back from Amsterdam late the previous night. He took us on an abreviated pub crawl that included two very interesting bars, Elfde Gebod and an underground cafe which name eludes me (a little help here Frank!). We had a very relaxing enjoyable time together. I think Frank was quite tired so we parted ways and Dee Dee and I went back to Paters for a late lunch. Dinner was uneventful and my last Belgian beer I had that night was Duvel.

Day 12: Doesn't count because we were travelling but I will say that we had no problems. It took us 17 1/2 hours leaving Antwerp before we were home in West Roxbury, MA.

Well that's it. If I can get my note together I'll try to put together a beer list but it's probably beyond my ability. If anyone needs any specifics just shout.

Until then, Cheers!


Trip Report Day 6 - the end :( - Aaron, 04/18/01 09:18:40 PM
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