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Let's talk about...Namur

Posted by Perkeo on 08/04/2001 01:42:08 PM

Today, i want to gather opinions on another some what overlooked destination, the city of Namur. I spent more time there than I had planned due to a rail strike, but I thoroughly enjoyed my stay...the brewpub right by the train station that makes the Aldegonde beers was a definite favorite, as was the superb gourmet goods store, the Wallonian table. Foolishly I never did make my way into the highly rated l'Eblouissant, it was seemingly closed for a few days, then i just never checked back, opting for the brewpub instead.I also attempted the train journey south to the belgian beer museum in Lustin, but found the place closed when I arrived with very few signs of life...much to my dismay, as i was taking the train back to Namur I saw a car parked in the lot, the front door open and what looked like the host/curator out front talking to someone. That's the problem with traveling alone, sometimes you're more timid about investigating things than you should be...has anyone else made it inside this curious little roadside attraction?

Let's talk about...Namur - Perkeo, 08/04/01 01:42:08 PM
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