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Re: Let's talk about...Namur

Posted by Jeremy Gray on 08/04/2001 04:10:32 PM

I was planning to stay in Namur for 2 nights in my October trip, but Les Tanneurs Hotel was fully booked 3 months in advance....

Tim Webb recommends that 'if this place is full, stay out of town' - due to the lack of decent hotels in Namur. So that is what we decided to do, and now we hope to visit Namur on a day trip only.

However, due to the continuing mystery of the Malle Poste in Rochefort, which is still not answering the phone even today, we may reconsider and try to find somewhere else to stay in Namur, as it sounds like a place worth checking out.

Anyone got any hotel tips for Namur other than Les Tanneurs? Where did you stay Mike?

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