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Re: Let's talk about...Namur

Posted by perkeo on 08/04/2001 05:06:23 PM

God, i can't remember the name of the place, but it was more or less right across from the train station, "avenue de la gare"....I think i paid something like 2400 bf for a big single(kind of a corner room/turret kind of thing), the hotel was kind of basic but OK, and I remember the cafe downstairs had Diekirch ambree from luxembourg on draft, the only time i'v ever come across that obscure(yet somewhat basic) brew. I remember there being some other basic places right there by the station, but it seems puzzling that les tanneurs would be booked so far in advance...is there some big event going on then? There' Dinant a little ways south of course, have you looked there? Namur is somewhat charming, not a place to stay for along time but definitely of interest, espescially La Table d' Wallonie. The owner also runs the Caracole micro to the south and he manages to stock some fairly obscure brews, at least he used to...nice guy as well.The brewpub seems basic but I enjoyed what I drank there, and the food was very nice too.The waiter was quite an amusing smartass and the people who seemed to be the owners were also quite pleasant. mind you this was about 5 years ago but, y'know, fingers crossed...

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