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Re: Floreffe and environs

Posted by Priscilla Estes on 08/10/2001 03:29:27 AM

Jeremy, back in May Paul and I did a Floreffe route. I'm not necessarily recommending our eccentric route, but we started in Durbuy (south of Liege, east of Namur) with La Ferme au Chene and nearby Fantome (in Soy).

We then went to Rochefort. You can't visit them (a walk in a courtyard is all those darn monks allow), but "their" cafe is nearby in town (Magasin de l'Abbaye, Rue de Dewonin, 8), which serves their beers and has some nice tarts and sandwiches.

Then on day 2, it was Maredsous in Denee (lovely abbey and chapel, great beer garden). Followed by Floreffe, which is just a little north. You can visit the FLoreffe chapel for a small fee, and the grounds (including peacocks) are lovely. URL: www.ftpn.be

email. tourisme@ftpn.be

Tell your wife there is LOTS to do in this area. Nature parks, chateaus, hiking, even some prehistoric monoliths near Soy (Fantome), not to be confused with Soye. I'd be glad to send you more info (web sites etc.) if you are interested.


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