Re: Kuaska at Brewer Art - how'd that go?
  Posted by Volker in Be-More on 11/13/2006 03:04:24 PM
It was a really fun event, although I had to leave before Lorenzo was done (I left at 10 and he spoke from 8:30 to 11:30 or so from what I gather).

I salute the folks who stayed, though, as it was obvious that he was a fountain of information. Great, great anecdotes along with his extensive beer knowledge. Quote of the night about a brewery in Milan:

"I -told- them to have the joints after they brewed, not before." :^)

All beers were rather unique, and I can't say there was a bad (or even mediocre) one in the bunch!

Tom Cizauskas of Clipper City attended and took pictures:

Heck, The "good beer fan" in picture 5 is our own bstill!

Thanks, Kuaska! It was a pleasure.


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